Basic Windows

Most windows fall into one of these basic categories: sliding, swinging, fixed, or rotary or awning.

Sliding – move either in horizontal or, as with the double-hung type, in vertical tracks.

Swinging – which include casements, have sashes that swing outward. Because they are easy to operate, they are good for hard-to- reach areas. Since swinging sashes generally seal more tightly than sliding ones, they are good for harsh climates.

Fixed -are sold alone or in combination with windows with movable sashes. Traditionally glazed with a sheet of glass, fixed picture windows are also available with mullions.

Rotary or awning windows have sashes that rotate on pivots on each side of the frame. Some are designed to be installed in sloping surfaces, such as the walls of a finished attic.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

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