Home renovations can be daunting. It’s risky when renovating an existing space at any home. It’s even riskier when building a new space instead. Even still, there are some questions to ask before starting a home addition that every homeowner must know about.

How Would You Design It?

The first question you should ask yourself is how you would design the home addition. This is your project, so take charge of its proceedings. Ask yourself what you might do differently regarding your current home. What would you add or replace? What would you eliminate? If you can answer any of these with a new addition, then work toward that. There are many software applications and websites that can help you design a virtual home space for free.

Will it Add Value?

Property value means a lot to some people. Their home is not simply a place to live in, but it’s also an investment. Even if you just moved in, home value is important. With that, consider a home addition that will give your home the best appraisal. Since homeowning often returns lower values than what you’ve invested, consider the possibilities that can give you the highest value. Amenities are a great option because they’re highly sought after. One tip for maximizing return value is to look at what your neighbors have. Neighborhood trends raise property value, so if your home lacks a room or amenities, consider that for the best return investment.

Where Will You Put It?

Once you’ve decided on an addition project, think about where you’ll build the addition. You can build it integrated with the rest of your home or as a separate entity. Regardless, you must consider any zoning restrictions that can affect your project. Zoning ordinances limit the possibilities of certain projects. For instance, these might limit how close you can build to natural areas or any length and height restrictions for any structure. While these might sound scary, they can help you decide on a project that fits your needs without creating any additional issues.

What’s Your Budget?

One of the top questions to ask before starting a home addition is how it fits in with your budget. Naturally, allocate money for this priority. Remember that there are some important financial attentions regarding your budgetary concerns. A contingency budget should account for up to 20% of your estimated costs. This includes construction costs, insurance, taxes, and repairs. Additionally, allocate enough funds for a contractor, supplies, and additional features for your renovation.

Does it Match the Rest of Your Home?

Finally, ask yourself how your addition matches the rest of your home. The trick to an effective home addition is to make it look like a natural component of your house. The roofline should connect, styles should complement each other, and finishing materials should create an even flow. Ultimately, you want to create a functional living space. A contractor will help with any confusion you may have.

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