Vinyl Floor

In addition to being more affordable than some other flooring materials, vinyl costs less to install. It can be installed around in-place fixtures and cabinets. If the existing floor is level you only need to put down a 1⁄4” plywood underlayment over it. This is useful because the old flooring may contain asbestos, and removing it would require hiring an abatement contractor.

Vinyl flooring comes in 6-foot, 9-foot, and 12-foot rolls, with 6-foot the most common. You will also find vinyl flooring in 12” squares. Vinyl will not last as long as natural substances but the thicker the wear-layer, the longer- lasting and more expensive it will be.

Often referred to as vinyl, linoleum differs from vinyl in that it is made of natural ingredients such as linseed oil, cork, and tree resins.

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