We’re sure that if you have attempted to cook fish yourself then you are familiar with just how finnicky it can be about proper cooking time. Too little time in the oven and you are having sushi, and too long can lead to a dry and unpleasant dinner with a lot of tartar sauce. Our favorite solution to this, and many other cooking inconveniences, is the steam oven. Steam ovens are smaller and more compact than a traditional oven, and if it wasn’t obvious, they also use steam to cook your meal. The smaller oven size means that they preheat much faster than traditional ovens, leading many homeowners to forgo a microwave and opt for a steam oven instead. Now back to that fish! A steam oven is the perfect tool for cooking fish because the addition of steam ensures that your fish is moist and delicious every time. Some models include the ability to program the oven to start and stop at varying times, and even hold your food at serving temperature once cooking is complete. Many clients who purchase the steam oven find that they rarely use their regular oven because the steam oven can also cook without steam, for foods where you need a dryer heat.