Important Keys to a Successful Tile Project

  • There are way too many handy persons out there that claim to be tile experts. The truth is there are very few people that are true tile craftsmen. They understand the importance of every aspect and are able to pre-plan the and anticipate the challenges of each individual project.
It is this pre-planning that separates a handy person from a true tile craftsman. Knowing the possible pitfalls and taking preventative actions are what make long lasting beautiful tile projects.
A well planned tile project creates lasting beauty, functionality, and lasting durability in equal proportions.


  • Design is one thing that sets a good tile job apart from a great tile project. Hiring a company that offers design services will save in the long run by eliminating confusion and saving time during install.
Most people have an idea of what they would like but a designer can add beauty and functionality that clients do not think of. A designer will consider lighting, color, and texture that fits the overall scheme a project. A good designer will also offer several different ideas and bring focus to a project.
A good designer will add the flare that separates on project from another.
  • The most important thing to know is what will be below the tile. On a floor it’s important that there is no flex in the existing floor or tiles will crack and break loose. If there is not enough support in existing framing and floor then additional support will need to be added.
We have all seen projects were the floor surfaces don’t match up well to existing floors. We have also all noticed poor tile installs by the grout lines, un-level tiles, bad cuts, or just visually unappealing. Proper design and planning helps eliminate all problems.
  • Another thing that needs to be carefully considered is layout. Where should the tiles start? How should the tiles fit within doorways, in front of stairs, tubs, showers, or top to bottom on walls. Layout is what you don’t notice if done properly. Improper layout is what you can’t help but notice.
At C&K Construction and Remodeling in Portland, we take tile very seriously.