Home Theatre Essentials

Whether you are looking for a place to unwind after a hard day or looking for a place to enjoy some of your favorite movies with families and friends, a home theatre could be an excellent addition to your space. We understand that adding a home theatre can seem like an overwhelming project, but our experienced design team at C&K Custom Home Remodeling can make it a seamless experience.

There is a lot that goes into a home theatre. You need the right furniture, design, screen, and accessories. Our team has been providing clients home theatres throughout the metro Portland area for many years now. This experience has given our team the knowledge of what will take your home theatre to the next level. Some home theatre essentials include comfy chairs, a high-quality projector, tasteful and tasty accessories, and more.

Home Theatre Design

To create a tranquil space that you and your family can relax in, the design of the room must be perfect. Through the many home theatres our team has completed, we have learned a few tips and tricks to get the design of the room where you want it to be. First, we recommend going with a dark-hued paint color. Much like commercial movie theatres, dark spaces provide for a relaxing space and better movie-watching experience. We recommend dark neutral shades—think grays, browns, and navy. For an authentic movie theatre experience, recliners are a home theatre essential. We recommend leather recliners as they look great, are found in most movie theatres, and are easy to clean if you spill candy or drinks on them.

Home Theatre Technology

The next home theatre essential is the technology in the room. For an immersive experience, we recommend installing surround sound and a soundbar. This will make the room sound like a real movie theatre. The main star of the room will be the screen and projector. When picking a screen size, it is important to pick one that compliments the size of the wall. The bigger it is, the higher resolution your projector should be.


To complete the look of the home theatre, we recommend adding accessories such as a popcorn maker and a fountain drink dispenser. These accessories will take your experience to the next level.

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