Special Windows

Remodeling plans often call for special window shapes and sizes. Many are available ready-made. Some must be custom fabricated.

Clerestory – also known as ribbon windows, run along a wall near the ceiling. These windows often have fixed glass, though some may have sliding or hinged sashes.

Cathedral – are large expanses of fixed glass. They are used in rooms with very high ceilings. Admitting extra light and view, they generally follow the slope of the roof.

Greenhouse – are also popular today. Many pre-made aluminum and wood units are available. Alternatively, you might wish to fabricate a custom wood window model. Custom windows are very expensive, both in construction and installation. A greenhouse window should have movable glass panes for ventilation. Sturdy corbels must support the unit on the house exterior. The window roof treatment should be glass or a product to correspond with the roof of the home. The construction must be similar to a standard window to prevent water leaks.

Bow and bay  – determine if the window is delivered assembled and ready for installation or if the installer must fabricate the unit. Approach the installation with caution. Be prepared for an expensive, but beautiful, finished project.

Replacement windows offer a wide selection of well-insulated units. Whenever possible, utilize this type of window to minimize job costs.

Remember, standard windows are installed with flanges to protect from water leaks. Replacement windows are designed to pop into an existing opening without the interior and exterior wall material being damaged.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

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