Smart Home Essentials

Whether you are working on a home remodel or just looking to upgrade certain aspects of your home, incorporating smart home technology can really enhance your home. Smart home technology makes everyday tasks such as adding items to your grocery list, setting reminders, controlling lights, setting the temperature, and so on a breeze. Whether you prefer Amazon’s Alexa, Google, or Apple, there are a wide variety of options out there. Adding this technology will help modernize your home as well as add value to your property if you are looking to sell.

There is a seemingly endless amount of smart home accessories on the market today including speakers, light bulbs, light strips, thermostats, security systems, vacuums, TVs, and much more. After years of helping people get the most out of their homes, our team has identified a few smart home essentials that are a must in your home.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers were one of the first smart devices to hit the market and are a smart home essential. Not only do they make things like playing music, setting reminders, adding items to the grocery list, and answering random questions a breeze, but they can also control other smart home accessories. Since all of your smart technology will connect over the same Wi-Fi, you can have your smart speaker turn on your smart lights, tell it to turn on your Chromecast enabled smart TV, set your thermostat, and much more without lifting a finger.

Smart Lights

One of the easiest ways to enhance any space is to incorporate smart lights. Smart lights are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, making it possible to connect to your phone and smart speakers. This means you can turn on and off the lights with little effort. One of the biggest benefits is turning on the lights while you are away or on your way home. We also recommend going with light bulbs and strips that allow you to change the color. This gives you more options and can quickly change the feel of a room.

Smart Thermostat

Another smart home essential is investing in a smart home thermostat. These devices look sleek, are easy to use, and make changing the temperature in your home effortless.

Smart Security Systems

Keep your home and family safe with a smart security system. These systems can be enabled with your phone and can be paired with smart speakers. You can easily see who is at your front door when you have an unexpected doorbell ring or check on your package that was left at the front door.

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