Sink Centers

The sink work area is one of the most heavily used areas of the house. There should be at least 24” of counter space on one side of the sink and 18” on the other. Only counter frontage should be measured. These counter space sections may be continuous surface, or a total of two angled countertop sections. A corner sink should meet the same counter space requirements on each side. A standard sink set adjacent to the corner should be located at least 3” from the corner so that it is comfortable to stand in front of the sink.

A minimum of 21” standing room is recommended between the edge of the dishwasher and adjacent counters, appliances, and/or cabinets that are placed at a right angle to the dishwasher. The edge of the dishwasher should be within 36” of the edge of one sink, and the open dishwasher should not interfere with the operation of the sink.

If there is a secondary sink, at least 3” of landing space should be provided on one side of the sink, and a minimum of 18” on the other. If the kitchen has only one sink, it should be located between or across from the cooking surface, preparation area, or refrigerator.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education material

custom kitchen sink center

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