Laminate flooring

Because laminate floors are designed to float over subfloors and don’t have to be glued to a substrate, they are fast and easy to install. The only required underlayment is a thin plastic sheet.

Laminates come in planks and squares of all shapes and sizes, with a tongue and groove type edge on each side for fitting them together. Water resistant glue placed between planks helps seal out the moisture. Some new laminate products, however, don’t even require glue.

The melamine used in the backing and core give the product its moisture resistance and durability, while the aluminum oxide in the wear-layer makes the surface difficult to burn, scratch, or stain. The decorative layer allows laminates to take on the appearance of wood, stone, or tile, with wood being the most common.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

laminate floor from Flooring America

Image courtesy of laminate floor from Flooring America

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