Like any major home renovation, a kitchen remodel is a serious project that requires immense attention and detail. Some homeowners understand these requirements, but others may not know how to properly implement a remodel without ruining their home. These tips on what to consider when remodeling a kitchen will help any inexperienced homeowner with theirs.

What the Remodel Is For

One of the main questions you must ask yourself before your remodel is, “What purpose will this serve?” People usually opt for kitchen remodels for two main reasons: functionality and resale. In other words, some people remodel their kitchens for their own use, and others remodel them to increase their property value. Either of these options should influence your budget, which in effect influences your design, appliance choices, lighting, colors, and other features.

The Design

The design of every kitchen remodel needs to be appropriate to its respective home. Respect your home’s architectural integrity. Having two mismatched styles is an effective way to ruin your home’s listing price and to create an undesirable atmosphere. Keep the trend relevant to the rest of the home. Contemporary, modern, upscale, traditional, and midcentury design themes are popular because they complement any home. However, bohemian, tropical, floral, or other contrasting designs will not.

The Type of Appliances Used

Another thing to consider when you’re remodeling a kitchen is the type of appliances you’ll use. Top-of-the-line appliances are great for improving your kitchen, but these aren’t always feasible due to budget and spatial constraints. Be honest with yourself: choose appliances that suit your lifestyle rather than ones that look the best. An industrial stovetop, refrigerator, or pantry might look nice, but it’s not a practical style for most families. You should also remember that new appliances might require further home renovations, such as tearing down a wall or rerouting ventilation ducts. Electrical and plumbing changes may affect these changes, too.

The Lighting

Lastly, remember the lighting. Great lighting fixtures can tremendously improve a kitchen’s environment, and natural lighting can reduce energy costs and give your home a warm ambiance. Alternately, recessed lighting, LED lights, pendants, and other light fixtures help your kitchen stand out. Even dimmer switches supply mood lighting and convenience when strategically placed. Remember that any lighting you choose must match your kitchen’s theme for greater aesthetics and value.

These are all highly important considerations for every kitchen remodel, but a professional contractor knows how to properly implement these changes to match your personal preference. We at C&K Custom Remodeling are those contractors. Our kitchen remodel services in Portland, OR, offer state-of-the-art craftsmanship that will result in a new luxury kitchen for your home. You’ll no longer be stuck with an outdated or undesired kitchen—instead, you can opt for a bold, updated, high-end kitchen remodel from professionals who care. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our before-and-after pictures and see for yourself. Then, call us and schedule your remodel today.