Going small has benefits!

Small kitchen designs are on the rise. With today’s real estate prices, a large floor area has become an expensive feature afforded only by a few. A booming population has further led to the construction of high-rise residential condominiums with limited floor area. These considerations have thus led to an insurgence of small kitchen design Portland and elsewhere. Small kitchen designs have become possible with the advent of innovative and space-saving ideas that focus on multi-functionality and small spaces. A kitchen island now functions both as a table and as storage space, and sometimes even comes fitted with sliding or hidden stools.

If you’ve just moved in to a new home with a small kitchen, or have been living in one for some time, there’s certainly no need to hang the apron and settle for take-out dinners each night. You can enjoy all the benefits and joys of a full-sized kitchen within the confines of your small kitchen area. All it takes is some smarts and an ounce of creativity to maximize small kitchen designs. Read on for a few simple tips that’ll get you started.

First and foremost, de-clutter. Rein in your inner pack rat and do away with clutter and bulky décor. Keep your kitchen bare of unessential items such as decorative floor fixtures and excess kitchenware. Go through your kitchen items and get rid of kitchen items that you haven’t used for the past year. If we’re talking of heirloom silverware that are only used for special occasions, consider storing them in another room. Clutter can become a big problem in kitchens, and will effectively limit the amount of working space that you can use when cooking or baking.

Second, opt for a minimalist design. Keeping your kitchen bare of the unessential doesn’t have to result in a bland or sterile room. Complement the bare look of your kitchen with a minimalist kitchen design Portland. This design scheme fits perfectly with small kitchens because it emphasizes simple fixtures and bare spaces. One trick is to stick to a basic color for everything while playing up the drama with various textures and materials.

Lastly, expand the visual space. We sometimes forget that space is just a matter of perception, one that we could alter with a few visual tricks. Light, neutral colors will help your small kitchen seem more breezy and spacious. A large wall mirror is also a good way of tricking the eye and can be mounted on a kitchen wall to make the room seem bigger than it actually is.

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