All homeowners want to create their ideal home. This picture-perfect structure must have the right amenities, rooms, paint colors, light fixtures, exterior design, landscaping, and so on. Part of what goes into this dream is remodeling rooms that don’t match this expectation. The kitchen is one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in a home. Anyone who wishes to undergo this project must know how to survive without a kitchen during your remodel. It will be different, but you can get through it with these tips.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen Space

Of course, during this already stressful time, you are limited on what you can and cannot do. Even still, use this opportunity to erect a temporary kitchen space to replace your old one. You still need to eat, and a kitchen renovation shouldn’t stop you. Set up your temp kitchen somewhere with a sink, such as a garage, basement, or utility room. Consider temporary cabinets to store some of your belongings instead of packing them all. Naturally, your options might be limited, as you might not have the capability to cook, bake, prep, or conduct other kitchen tasks as before.

Track the Remodel as It Goes

Given how important your kitchen is, you should track the remodel from start to finish. Keep photographs of each phase to see the progress. You can also keep a list of each step as it happens. Rather than wait to be surprised, you should keep a close eye on each addition, removal, or replacement in case something goes awry. Communicate clearly and often to your remodeler so that they abide by your expectations.

Make Use of Storage

Plastic storage containers are not just for moving. In fact, they make exceptional storage space in your temporary kitchen. As your access to your cabinets, drawers, and pantry are limited due to the remodel, these storage containers act as functional substitutes. Not to mention, you can find whatever you need efficiently and confidently. Spices, dry foods, utensils, silverware, cups, glassware, and dishes fit in these containers.

Consider Alternatives

Lastly, you can always survive without your kitchen during a remodel with takeout and delivered food options. Unfortunately, during a kitchen remodel, you cannot cook or prep foods in the same way as before. However, this raises the possibility to try out new foods or restaurants. While takeout or delivery can get costly, having your restaurant fix occasionally is the perfect way to provide mental and physical relief from worrying about cooking. You may have to order food more often during your remodel but use this opportunity to try new cuisines. Just remember, your remodel won’t last forever, and you’ll be cooking your favorite dishes in no time.

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