A kitchen remodel is a project that many contractors can perform however great kitchens are the result of great design.  It’s very obvious when a project has been well designed both in both its beauty and functionality.  Today, kitchens are a mix of both science and art as the functionality is usually hidden by the finishes.  What this means is that a well crafted kitchen looks great and functions great but why it functions so well in not so obvious.  The science of kitchen design is studied down to the average number of steps required for any particular kitchen layout.

When you are looking for a contractor there is the obvious homework and not so obvious homework to be done.  Obviously you want to check references, look at pictures, do a thorough interview, and make sure the contractor is licensed and bonded where required.  You also should inquire about other trade association. There are both local and national associations and most do a great job of offering continuing education but it’s up to the contractor to participate.  Many have been accredited for proficiencies in particular skills. Matching those proficiencies to your desired project increased the chances that you will have a good experience.

Be clear with your contractor what you are looking for and what you are expecting to receive from your remodeling experience.  If time schedules are important ask to see a sample schedule from a recent project.  If you want custom cabinets you’ll want to select a contractor that has a relationship with a custom manufacturer.  If you are hoping to control the budget your contractor should be able to explain different features you will be forgoing in exchange for savings.

The National Kitchen a Bath Association has guidelines for the most effective and efficient kitchen designs and your contractor should be familiar with said guidelines.

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