Kitchen Safety and Convenience

In addition to space planning for appliances and activities, there are a number of considerations in the area of safety and convenience.

All major appliances used for surface cooking should have a ventilation system. NKBA recommends a minimum of 150 CFM and IRC requires a minimum of 100 CFM. However, with many of the high performance cooktops and ranges being installed today, fans rated at a minimum of 300 CFM may be required with downdraft systems requiring even larger fans. Vent less fans cannot remove heat or moisture and are to be avoided.

At least two waste receptacles should be included in the plan; one for garbage and one for recyclables, or other recycling facilities should be planned.

Ground fault circuit interrupters must be specified on all receptacles serving a counter surface. A fire extinguisher should be located across from the cooktop. Smoke alarms should be included near the kitchen.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

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