Small kitchens should not be treated as a negative home feature but rather as an opportunity for ingenuity and creativity. People with small kitchens need to think critically about how they plan to use their space. When the area is limited, no spot can or should be underutilized. If you want to learn how you can make the most out of a tiny kitchen, you should know about these small kitchen layout tips.

Get a Prep Area

A small kitchen limits the amount of space you can use to prepare meals and drinks. Instead of adding more counter space to your kitchen, you can purchase a small prep area. A modest rolling kitchen bar or cart can hold food for serving, or you can use it to hold appliances and ingredients as you cook.

Use Lighter Colors

Here’s an interesting small kitchen layout tip: you can actually create the illusion of expanded space by including more white and light colors in your kitchen. Try for a lighter palette on the backsplashes, walls, countertops, and millwork. If you want a similar effect without a renovation, purchase lightly colored pots, pans, linens, and cutting boards.

Make Your Tableware and Glassware the Attraction

It may be difficult to decorate a small kitchen. But there are plenty of ways to make kitchen items more eye-popping and interesting. To get a little more color and design in your kitchen, splurge a bit on glassware and tableware. These pieces can add style with no additional bulk.

Think Vertically

The walls of your kitchen offer more opportunities for storage and decoration than most people realize. Consider installing knife mounts, open shelving, and pot racks above your stove to free up some space. With those features, you’ll expand your counter space and decorate your walls.

Get Patterned Floors

Though often overlooked, the kitchen floor is a great opportunity for an eye-catching design element. Patterns give off the impression of a larger expanse of space. Try hand-painted cement tiling for a bohemian feel or herringbone wood floor patterns for something more traditional.

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