Do your appliances work?

Appliances are where a lot of home owners make mistakes during the remodeling process.  Many companies are great and one or two specific appliances say a stove or vent hood, but there are very few companies that are great at a full set of kitchen appliances.  Someone started a rumor that all of your kitchen appliances have to be from one manufacturer.  The truth is that if a person want the best appliances that usually means becoming educated about manufacturers strengths and weaknesses and mix and matching sets. I know I will take heat for my opinion but I believe a person should be able to decide if they want their kitchen appliances to match well or to work well.

With most modern appliances the only thing you might notice is the badges are a bit different but you’ll absolutely notice the difference in how the appliances function.  I once had a client that always wanted a particular brand of gas stove.  My client spent a good deal of their budget to get matching badges on the appliances and after the first use she was disappointed.  Who would have thought this great gas stove doesn’t even have a cooking timer. Unfortunately many remodeling companies and appliance sales people are largely to blame.  It’s easier to say that’s a great brand of appliances than to take the time to really evaluate each appliance in a set.

Get Educated!

If a person really want a gourmet kitchen and really uses their kitchen then being brand loyal will usually mean sacrificing or compromising on individual pieces of the set. Demand to be educated by your appliance store, your sales person, and your contractor.  If they are promoting one brand only then you likely need to do more research to be sure all pieces are  great not just good enough.  I’m not against matching appliances I’m just not excited about the level of education most people get when making such a big purchase.

We want our clients to love the way their kitchens look and love the way they work.

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