Are you sick of not having enough storage space in your pantry? Or maybe, no matter how hard you scrub, you just can’t get that stain off your kitchen table? Both are tell-tale signs that it is time to renovate your kitchen.

It Is So Hard To Clean

Are you sick of looking at that stain that’s been on the kitchen island for the last 6 years? There is nothing more frustrating than when you finally get your kitchen clean after a long day of work, and it doesn’t look like you even cleaned it. Surfaces wear down over time, and grout lines get stained—it is inevitable. However, when renovating your kitchen, you can get rid of that headache and start over with a fresh and clean space! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

You Need More Storage Space

If you are hesitant to go in the Tupperware cabinet because you know that all the items you’ve shoved in there are just going to fall out, it is time to renovate. Many kitchens weren’t originally designed to have a ton of space, especially when it comes to cabinets and drawers. Renovating allows you to look at what you have and decide how you want to change it. Do you want a big pantry instead of cabinets in a specific area of the kitchen? Perfect! Use that wish list to start your renovating plans.

Your Appliances Are Outdated

Kitchen appliances are used every single day, and because of this, their life is limited. Even though an older appliance may still work, it might not be the safest or most energy-efficient option. Some individuals prefer to update all their appliances at the same time, so they match. Renovating is the greatest time to make those purchases.

Making the choice to renovate your kitchen might be a big decision, but there is no doubt that you will be happy with the results, especially if you decide that making your own custom remodel is the way to go. At C&K Custom Remodeling, we specialize in custom kitchen renovation in Portland, OR. If you are in the area and notice any of the above signs that it is time to renovate your kitchen, give us a call. You will not regret it!