Every year, over 10 million American kitchens undergo remodeling, and new concepts push the looks in a fresh direction. This year is no different. If you’re about to make changes to your kitchen, gather ideas from the best kitchen remodeling ideas and designs in 2021.

Concealed Kitchens

The primary objective of the concealed kitchen design is to create an area that seamlessly blends a space for cooking, dining, and relaxing into one. Moving elements you can stow away to turn the room into a different place entirely define concealed kitchens.

For example, recessed shutters can retract from the walls to cover the sink and stove, antique-style cabinets can fold out to reveal a full kitchen, refrigerators with cabinet exteriors can blend into the wall. As you can see, the concealed kitchen is one of the more creative remodeling concepts to arrive in recent years.

Sink Skirt

Once thought to be a dated, ugly feature, the classic sink skirt has reemerged as one of the best kitchen remodeling ideas and designs in 2021. This “sink skirt revival” is all the rage in this new year. Combining a classic look with modern sensibilities, sink skirts replace the cabinets under sinks with a decorative rod that holds up pleated curtains.


In the age of the iPhone, nothing screams elegance and luxury like the simple, sleek integration of marble counters and tables into a kitchen’s design. Furthermore, marble is durable, highly sustainable, and generally easy to clean. It also makes a strong statement, standing out against other, less solid materials like woods and metals.

Double Islands

In the world of home design, larger kitchens have become a growing trend. The open plans that now make up modern spaces need additional functionality. To that end, more and more homeowners have added a second island to their kitchens. Having two islands makes a statement that you have enough space and capability to stretch your kitchen area as far as it can go.

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