Heated Floors

Heat flooring is a delicate process requiring years of training and experience to be installed properly.  Anyone install these type of floors should be trained by the manufacturer to know how to install and how to test the system both before and after the finished floor is installed.  At C&K we use digital programming systems that allow for preset heating temperatures through out your day.  This means no cold floors in the morning or evening.  Heated tile flooring also acts as a radiant heating system worming the room from the bottom up.

Warm Wire


Craftsman Style Elegance Revival

Witness the transformation of a 1920s Craftsman style home in NW Portland. C&K Custom Remodeling proudly presents the Craftsman Elegance Revival project, blending history with modernity. Preserving Heritage: C&K restored original elements like hardwood floors...

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Why using a designer can save you money

Using a designer can actually save you money in several ways. While there may be an initial cost associated with hiring a designer, their expertise and industry knowledge can lead to long-term savings and prevent costly mistakes. Here are a few ways in which working...

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