1  Our technicians are trained in the latest products and techniques

2  Our technicians are efficient, saving both time and money.

3  Our technicians work cleanly, protecting your home from dust and debris.

4  Our technicians are hand selected by the owner to be people of the highest ethics and integrity.

5  Our technicians care about customer service.

6  Our technician will provide design and process advice when appropriate.

7  Our technicians are able to handle both small and large projects.

8  Our technicians have extensive experience in a variety of trades

9  Your technician will be matched to your specific project

10  Every job is overseen by the owner and a project manager.

About Lloyd Martindale

Owner : C&K Custom Remodeling with the goal of building a Portland business that focused on customer service and true craftsmanship. I designed C&K with a commitment to a clean, family friendly, professional work environment and all of our teams have been built around these principles.