This is to everyone who does what they are suppose to do and shops for the best price.  I have found that customers want three things.

Great customer service:  We all want to be well taken care of
Great craftsmanship:  We all want to have have great results from the contractors we bring into our homes
Good value:   This is where many of my clients are getting in trouble.  I constantly hear “contractor x quoted me a cheaper price”.  Yesterday I received a call from a valued customer saying “can you help me I did something stupid.  I hired a cheaper contractor and I just fired him, can you come finish the project.”  No I have to fix the mistakes of a less qualified contractor.  After that I will be able to finish the project.  The project could have been done much less expensive and I would have been able suggest ideas and products that would have increased value to the project without adding much cost.

We need to recognize value and price are not the same thing.  If you have a contractor you trust, it’s alright to shop prices and haggle a bit but remember you are likely not comparing apples to apples.  There is a lot of truth to the saying you get what you pay for.

One last thing to consider.  We know we want customer service, great craftsmanship, and a good price.  Which of these three are you willing to sacrifice?  This question will tell you what the outcome of your project will likey be.  If you have had bad contractors in the past it is possible they gave you what you asked for.  A cheap product and a cheap price….