Food disposal

Like most appliances, the price range of disposals will vary by size and quality. Lower end disposals tend to have less power and are very noisy. Higher quality products have a better level of sound dampening and tend to have larger motors and cavity capacity. Determine if noise is a consideration with the family and estimate the amount of waste the client’s family will create. Also, check your local code concerning disposals. Some communities may require disposals and others may not allow their installation. If disposals are used with septic systems, more frequent maintenance of the septic system may be required.

In families with small children you may recommend a batch feed disposal. This appliance requires that a lid be installed and rotated to activate the motor. This provides some measure of safety against hands or utensils being caught in the running motor.

If the client wishes to reuse an existing disposal, recommend against it. If the disposal is older than 3 years, it should be replaced. Typically, if a disposal is removed and left in a non-operational state for a few weeks, the seals will dry and metal bearings may rust causing the device to fail when reinstalled.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

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