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At C&K we are best known for our beautiful kitchen and bathroom designs remodeling however the word is getting out about our beautiful fireplace remodeling and facelifts in Portland, OR.  We can redesign your fireplace with basic stone or tile work or take on the entire project to include hearth, mantel remodel and chimney updates.   When your fireplace starts to lose its wow factor, we are here to be of assistance.  We have experience in refacing both interior fireplaces and exterior chimneys so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance.

Our fireplace remodeling services are designed to give your home an updated and modern look, making your fireplace a statement piece in your living space. Fireplace refacing can be as simple as upgrading your existing mantel for a more modern and stylish look or replacing outdated accessories. Whatever your needs are, the professionals at C&K Custom Remodeling can help transform your space. A fireplace is a valuable asset to any home, and keeping it up to date is an essential part of any remodel. A range of options are available to choose from to give your fireplace a much-needed facelift you are sure to love. Rely on our expertise to provide reliable and quality custom remodeling services and improve the efficiency and look of your fireplace.

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