You’re ready to start your home remodeling journey but are just not sure what to do. That is entirely understandable! The whole home remodeling process can be overwhelming and stressful. But lucky for you, we are here to help make it easier. All you have to do follow our ultimate home remodeling checklist from start to finish. This will outline what you need to do and when. Happy remodeling!

Map It Out

The first thing you should do before any remodeling project is map it out. Put your thoughts down on paper to make sure that you hit every point and communicate everything you want to achieve. Don’t look over any areas that you need to map out. Here are a few to remember:

  • Budget—This is something you cannot look past. This needs to be set-in-stone and understood by all from the beginning.
  • Priorities—Your remodeling team is going to need to know what your preferences are within the project. This way, they can make sure that they complete projects to the best of their ability.
  • Ideas—You have dreams and a vision of what your remodeling project will end up looking like; explain that on paper! The more explanation that you have to communicate, the better the results will be.
  • Deadlines—This is very important. If you need something done by a specific time, you need to mention this at the beginning.

Do Your Research

Once you have everything mapped out and know precisely what you are looking for, the research begins. It would be best to look at all your remodeling contractor options to see which one aligns best with your needs. Read reviews, ask for referrals, speak with the companies, request estimates, and ask questions. All of this will help you find the right team for you!

Prepare Your Space

When you have hired and selected the right team to complete this project, that is when your part comes in. You need to properly prepare the space for the remodeling process. You should get rid of any items you might not need anymore, pack up anything that cannot be present, and even make other living arrangements if you’re not going to live in the space while renovations are ongoing. Doing this beforehand will help alleviate any headaches and issues.

Trust Your Team

There is nothing more for you to do at this time except to trust the team you hired and be available for any questions that they may have for you. They are doing great work and trying their best to complete your dream space… so let them!

Hopefully, the content above covering the ultimate home remodeling checklist from start to finish gave you the insight you were looking for. Don’t overlook any steps and follow the advice to help navigate your home remodel. If you happen to be looking for any home or kitchen remodel companies in Portland, Oregon, check our website for more info.

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