Many Americans consider making changes to their kitchens. But too often, they become paralyzed by the question, “How much does an average kitchen remodel cost?” Yes, kitchen remodeling can be expensive. This article endeavors to break down the cost of kitchen remodeling based on the different sizes of these projects. Reading along, you should get a clearer idea of what to expect given what you can spend.

Minor, Major, and Upscale Projects

When answering the question, “How much does an average kitchen remodel cost?” it’s helpful to break down kitchen remodel prices by project size. There’s a different average cost for minor, major, and upscale remodels. Simply picking the average of all three without highlighting the differences between them wouldn’t offer you the entire picture. With that in mind, the following breaks down the cost for minor, major, and upscale remodels.

Minor Remodel

Average Total Cost: $24,000

Not all kitchen remodeling projects are the same; some are far smaller in scope than others. Minor kitchen remodels typically are preferable for a tight budget. Some additions you might see in this level of remodeling project include a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, and new countertops and appliances. New cabinets will often be on the more expensive side of a minor remodel.

Major Remodel

Average Total Cost: $69,000

Major remodeling projects entail widespread overhauls of existing kitchens. You may replace key fixtures like lights, appliances, garbage disposals, and floors with entirely new versions. Extra touches like high-quality sinks, faucets, and semi-custom cabinets take up much of the cost.

Upscale Remodel

Average Total Cost: $136,000

Upscale kitchen remodeling projects include luxury or rare additions. For example, high-end countertops and built-in water filtration systems are common editions to these remodeling projects. You might also see custom cabinetry, technologically advanced appliances, and freshly painted walls.

Millions of American families renovate their kitchens every year. These undertakings range from minor paint fix-ups to major expensive additions. If you think you might want to remodel your kitchen and need to know its cost, you can contact C&K Custom Remodeling to speak with kitchen remodel contractors in Portland, Oregon.

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