The different types of kitchen cabinet finishes reflect the varied ways people wish to present their kitchens. Do you want a room brimming with creativity, comfort, or a feeling of age-old wisdom? Once you have reviewed these cabinet finishes, you’ll have a better idea of the ways you want your kitchen to look and feel.

Stained Cabinets

People prefer staining their cabinets when they want to protect them from damage, change their color, or enhance the grain. Using hues that resemble oak, pecan, or walnut, stained cabinets can retain a wooden look. Simultaneously, they gain protection from the many projectiles in a kitchen. For an alternative aesthetic, you can also stain cabinets underneath with a different finishing technique.

Painted Cabinets

Also referred to as opaques, painted cabinets have robust colors, though they don’t show the natural nuances found in wood. Often, they require a varnish topcoat to become more durable.

If you’re considering a painted look, you should try to find colors that match the rest of your house. People who want their kitchen cabinets to stand out from the other colors in their home can look to popular kitchen paint colors for inspiration. Currently, these include crimson red, turquoise green, blue-gray, and pink rose.

Glazed Cabinets

To accentuate the details of the individual wood species, people apply glaze over different types of kitchen cabinet finishes like paints or stains. They then rub it off by hand. This method can effectively alter the texture and color of the cabinetry. Ultimately, a glazed cabinet will have a great degree of depth.

Varnished Cabinets

If you need heat resistance and durability, varnishing is an excellent choice for your cabinets. Currently, most modern assembled kitchen cabinet manufacturers utilize a polyurethane catalyzed varnish as their topcoat. With this coating, your cabinets can resist age-related yellowing, corrosion, and heat.

Distressed Cabinets

The saying goes, “Everything old is new again.” If you want to give your modern cabinets a classic, antique spin, you can try the distressed finish. The technique is simple. Sand or scrape the paint onto your cabinets, and it will look worn or scratched.

By working alongside the very best kitchen remodel contractors in Portland, Oregon, you’ll see the difference cabinet finishes can make for your home. Reach out to C&K Custom Remodeling to learn more about our processes and capabilities.