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Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes

What type of bathtub are you?

Bathtubs come in hundreds of shapes and sizes as well as many different materials. Cast iron tubs are the most durable but they are also the most limited when it comes to sizes and designs. Acrylics, fiberglass, or other precast units have come along way in the past couple of years and are the most common choice when it comes to remodeling.

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There is a new group of homeowners who are electing to completely eliminate the bathtub in their home to opt for a beautiful tile walk in shower. It wasn’t long ago when this would be unheard of but market trends no longer require a bathtub for resale values. When you are ready for your bathroom remodel give us a call at 503-736-6335.

Bathtub Education:

  • Recessed (or “skirted” or “apron”)—designed to fit into a recess with three sides hidden by walls and a finished front. This type is most common. Some have removable apron panels.
  • Corner—usually with two angled unfinished sides and a finished front to be installed like a recessed tub, but also available with three finished sides.
  • Freestanding—to be installed in the middle of the room, or at least away from the wall. Some manufacturers now offer these in a claw-foot Victorian style. They also are available in a finely finished wood. These are seldom recommended for showering, although some combination models are available with clear acrylic compartment showers at one end.
  • Platform—with no finished panels, designed to drop into a platform for the “raised sunken tub” effect.
  • Whirlpool—designed specifically for the healthful hydromassage action of jetted water (often oversized in many configurations – even heart-shaped), often designed for two or more persons to use simultaneously. It should be noted, also, that any of the above tub types are available with whirlpool jets. The difference is in the fact that they aren’t designed specifically for the action, and this action is not their primary purpose. Any jetted tub must have an access panel for future servicing of the pump.

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