Any home renovation project requires the right planning and organization to ensure a job well done. This is especially true for bathrooms, which are some of the most frequently used rooms in a home. However, you may not know what to consider before your bathroom remodel. Check out these tips on what you must focus on to create your dream bathroom.


First, you must consider the type of plumbing systems needed for your bathroom. Your shower and sink drains take a lot of wear and tear due to the hair, soaps, shampoos, shaving cream, toothpaste, and other gunk that flows through them. Larger drains can withstand more of this, so consider upgrading your pipes if they’re too small. Freezing temperatures can also severely affect your pipes if they’re routed through an exterior wall.

Light Fixtures

Additionally, consider the lighting. Recessed light fixtures can brighten up a room when placed in your shower and above the vanity. These locations supply functional and aesthetic lighting in that space. Naturally, with recessed lighting, you must include the right trim. You should also consider adding a dimmer switch to adjust the mood in that room. Task lighting for doing makeup or grooming should also be carefully considered as well as accent lighting for the wow factor.

Windows and Natural Lighting

Many homeowners want natural lighting in their bathrooms. A window in a shower can make a great feature, but some people find it disturbing to their privacy. In that case, consider a frosted glass panel to hinder visibility from the outside. You should also consider a watertight enclosure for proper drainage. Another possibility is to install a skylight, which will allow natural light to illumine the space. This not only supplies aesthetic benefits, but also saves on utility costs.


Floors are essential components to any bathroom. You should obviously never install carpet or wood flooring in your bathroom, as this can lead to mold or injury. Tiles are the most common bathroom flooring choice. One think got consider with tile or stone is temperature, heating floor tiles gives any bathroom that wonderful spa fee. Also consider textured tiles to provide traction and safety, especially after you step out of the shower. Many tile options, such as natural stone, porcelain, or vinyl, are available for you to choose from.


Finally, you should never ignore storage when it comes to bathroom remodeling considerations. Your vanity is the best location for bathroom storage, as it’s away from main water fixtures and protects the sink pipes. Drawers are simple to organize, and you can size different drawer options if you expect to store larger items. Still, you can always purchase external storage, such as a rollaway shelf, for portability and convenience.

After you make these considerations, you can plan your bathroom remodel. It’s imperative that you consider the right bathroom remodeler to do the job. Fortunately, we at C&K Custom Remodeling believe quality is everything. We can guarantee a luxury bathroom renovation for your Portland, OR, home.

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