A vanity is the centerpiece of a bathroom or powder room. When you purchase a new one, you want it to express the best attributes of your style. That can be an intimidating challenge, so here are tips for selecting the right size bathroom vanity.

Understand the Limitations of Your Space

Bathrooms are some of the smaller rooms in a home. When you plan your new vanity, you should be realistic about how the tightness of the space might bar some of the larger, more grandiose options. Furthermore, where the pipes lay often determines where the vanity will be.

As you choose your vanity, be aware of how much space you will still need for door openings—both the entry and the shower. Standard building compliance also insists on a minimum of 18 inches from the toilet’s center to the cabinet edge. A custom bathroom contractor can help you navigate the limitations of your space.

Styles To Consider

The fun part of any home remodeling project is it gives homeowners an opportunity to play around with different looks and styles until they find the one that matches their personal taste. Though these tips for selecting the right bathroom vanity do not include a comprehensive list, here are a few style options to consider.

Corner Vanities – Taking up very little room, corner vanities are a fine choice for bathrooms with a tight layout. They can be found in modern or traditional designs.

Double-Sink Vanities – Double-sink vanities are a desirable option for couples or families that need to get out the door fast every morning. With two sinks side by side, people can brush their teeth simultaneously, go through their morning routine, all the while holding a conversation.

Floating Vanities – These wall-mounted vanities discard the legs in place of a cool, modern floating appearance. Due to the added under-the-counter space, floating vanities make your bathroom seem more spacious.

Choose Between Faucets Options

There are two primary faucet types for vanities: widespread and centerset faucets. Widespread faucets have a spout and hot and cold water handles on each side. Centerset faucets come as one unit, with the hot and cold handles attached to the spout. Some centerset faucets also have a single handle that can control the water temperature by moving left or right.

Be Aware Of Wear and Tear

Vanities live in some of the most inhospitable rooms in the house. In a bathroom, vanities are frequently in contact with makeup, water, and cleaning products. Showers also create a great deal of humidity, which can cause wear on certain materials.

As you pick out your vanity, make sure it is durable. The last thing you want is to get a new vanity and then have to replace it within a few months due to water damage or mold.