Home projects are important for many reasons. Homeowners can update any rooms or space with new décor, appliances, colors, lighting, and more. While homeowners can improve any room, the most common are the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, bathroom remodels are great for increasing property value. With that, here are some signs that it’s time to remodel your bathroom. See how a few simple changes can drastically improve your home.

It Doesn’t Suit You Anymore

This might sound silly, considering bathrooms are among the most frequently used rooms in a house, but this point holds merit. When a bathroom cannot function as a suitable latrine, you must get it remodeled. Bathrooms change over time. Children grow older, fixtures become outdated, and decorations don’t match. Your personal style can change too. Whatever the reason, these indicate a remodel. Bathroom renovations are not only practical upgrades; they also serve to update existing bathrooms with new styles, tastes, and dynamics. Consider remodeling yours if you find it dreary and outdated.

You Want to Raise Property Value

Alternatively, remodel your bathroom if you want to increase your home value. Homeowners looking to sell their home should consider practical renovations that raise property value. Kitchens, bedrooms, exterior fixtures, and bathrooms are common sites. Potential buyers want rooms with appealing design and applicable use. Something that’s outdated or unattractive may decrease your home’s appeal and its overall value in the real estate market.

It Needs Dire Repairs

Finally, the most obvious sign that it’s time to remodel your bathroom is when it needs repairs. This includes plumbing issues, leaks, hazardous materials, mold, cracks, etc. Whether the issue is large or small, a bathroom remodel can fix these issues. While you should consult a property inspector or plumber for serious concerns, like structural damage and piping issues, a remodeler can help with cosmetic and smaller repairs too. Naturally, fixing these repairs can raise your home value and increase its property ranking.

Therefore, call us at C&K Custom Remodeling for premium bathroom remodels in Portland, OR. View our before and after pictures of some of the previous bathrooms we’ve done featured on our website. See the intricate detail we put into every bathroom to create a luxury experience. No matter your reason, whether it’s to update the fixtures or repair minor damages, our team of expert remodelers will create your dream bathroom.