When people are at the beginning of such an expensive, difficult undertaking, they no doubt wonder how long a bathroom renovation takes. Many factors can slow down the process. Read along to learn about how a remodeling project can grind to a halt and the decisions you can make to keep it running.

Factors That Affect Remodel Time

No two remodeling projects are the same. At every stage in the process, you must make decisions about how you’ll tackle the project, who you’ll work with, and what resources you’ll use. A few factors could affect the time it takes to complete the project, such as the nature of the project and who you hire. Below are some questions about such aspects of your project.

  • Are you remodeling for cosmetic reasons or is it a complete rebuild? Depending on the extent of the changes, the project can take a couple of days or several months.
  • Will a contractor do the work, or will you do it yourself? Though plenty of homeowners feel a deep sense of pride in DIY projects, squeezing in a few hours every week to complete the task could extend the project for many months.
  • Do you need to wait for the delivery of special-order goods or are the materials already ready? Waiting for ceramic tile may delay a project for several weeks.
  • If you decide to hire out a contractor, are they an owner-operator or do they subcontract plumbers, carpenters, and electricians? You’ll save money by working with a single contractor, but the work will slow because they must jump between jobs.

How Long a Bathroom Renovation Takes

More often than not, determining how long a bathroom renovation takes is fairly simple. Assuming you’re working with a competent contractor and everything goes as planned, a total bathroom remodel takes about 23 days. That translates to four and half weeks if the contractor doesn’t work through the weekends.

City Permits

If your contractor decides to change the bathroom’s plumbing or electricity, you’ll likely need city permits and board approval. Waiting on your approval could be the most time-consuming part of the whole endeavor. Try to attain your permits as soon as you can.

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