Is your bathroom or kitchen looking drab and outdated? You don’t need to spend a fortune to design and remodeling Portland bathrooms and kitchens. A more modern design is easy to achieve with the addition of some simple elements. Here are five simple tricks to ramp up these rooms and give them a more modern look.

Steps to update!

1.  Install some subtle accent lights over glossy surfaces such as counter tops, vanity tables and sinks. The light will reflect off the surface and give the entire room a more modern look. When choosing among different accent lights, go for edgy but simple designs. Metallic frames look great when paired with soft white light and glazed glass.

2.  Get rid of old ceramic fixtures in your bathroom and replace them with metallic ones. You can find many great bathroom fixtures such as metal sinks and bathtubs in sleek designs that are both comfortable and pleasing to look at. Metal counter tops also look great in kitchens, especially when accompanied with low-lying accent lights. When choosing a new set of metallic fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen, always stick to a general style and make sure that your fixtures fit well with one another.

3.  Throw out the clutter. One trick to modern design and remodeling Portland kitchens and bathrooms is to enlarge your space by keeping the floor area clear of unnecessary fixtures and clutter. Wide open spaces mark a modern design and this can be easily achieved by selecting and installing fixtures that do not take up floor space such as wall-mounted sinks, shelves, and vanities. Remove floor items such as magazine racks, potted plants, clothes bin, and floor cabinets.

4.  Replace your wooden shelves with custom-made glass or metal cabinets and shelves. Wood works great for rustic and shabby-chic designs but doesn’t fit well with a modern kitchen or bathroom design. You can find many wall-mounted glass or metal shelves that will work better with the modern design that you have in mind. Also replace wooden frames such as those used for wall décor and mirrors with metallic frames that fit well with the design of your fixtures. When it comes to shelves, you can experiment with non-traditional placements such as a diagonal row or alternating shelves to make the room even more interesting.

5.  Avoid using printed designs, especially country florals, for details such as tiles, wall decor and curtains. Instead, stick to monotones of neutral colors such as black, white or beige. When choosing a modern design and remodeling Portland bathrooms or kitchens, simplicity is always given importance. If the monotone is too plain for you, you can experiment with a splash of contrasting color or a recurring design element such as stripes or cubes.