Designing a bathroom is never easy. There are many considerations to make during this project, from proper fixtures and storage to piping. Anyone planning to renovate their bathroom must take everything into account, including possible mistakes or failures. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

Improper Spacing

When redesigning a bathroom, it is crucial not to space furnishings and fixtures too closely or too far apart. Toilets typically require 12 inches from the back wall to the start of the toilet flange. Anything less can cut into the drywall behind it and cause damage. Choose your appliances carefully with your bathroom’s dimensions in mind. Your bathroom should encourage room flow; space out fixtures evenly.

Poor Lighting

Dull or poor lighting can ruin a bathroom. As one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, lighting is essential. It should be functional, yet smooth and bright. That’s not to say you need synthetic or artificial light. Natural lighting is perfect for bathrooms and can lower your energy bill. Most of all, choose fixtures that complement your design choices. Sconces and vanity mirrors use light to accentuate and highlight the room’s best characteristics.

Mismatched Décor

Unlike a living room or family room, you never want mismatched furniture or décor in a bathroom. While creativity is key, don’t mix more than two types of metal, wood, or tile. Think of your bathroom as a spa. It should create a perfect balance between harmony, relaxation, calmness, and personal security. The right balance between decorations and themes creates this ambiance without losing your personal flair. Anything more can throw this flow out of proportion.

Not Enough Storage

One common bathroom renovation mistake to avoid is not including enough storage space. Although you should be conservative when designing a bathroom, since you only have so much available square footage, you nonetheless need storage. Cabinets and cupboards are important for storing linens, personal items, towels, and hygienic products. That’s not to say you cannot get creative with your storage options. Optimize wall space with hooks and vertical shelves to store additional items.

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