Bathroom Remodels in Portland OR

Forest Heights Custom Bathroom

Job Description: Luxury traditional to luxury modern. Top of the line components from floor the ceiling. Exceptional lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Hillsboro Custom Bathroom

Job Description: This 70’s transformation took this masterbath to a level of exquiste old world in todays world. Beautifully crafted Italian marble countertops with cherry cabinetry.

Bull Mountain Custom Bathroom

Job Description: Into the modern age with floating sink cabinets and lcd light effects sets this remodel up for years to come. Simple along with sleek and light brings balance.

We Offer Custom Bathroom Remodel & Design Services for Portland Metro Homeowners.

Our Portland, OR, bathroom remodels turn your outdated bathroom into the dream oasis you’ve always wanted.

A bathroom is a place many people refer to as their relaxing zone. It is because of this reason, when it comes to designing and remodeling, many people spend quite a significant amount of money to make it one of the best areas in the home. A well-designed bathroom will allow you to begin your day feeling focused and looking your best. Professional bathroom designers are best suited to help you achieve the style and design you want. Because your bathroom is such an important space in your home, C & K Custom Remodeling has gone the extra mile to become a NARI Certified Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling company. This ensures we will complete our Portland, OR, bathroom remodels right the first time.

A bathroom remodel and design contractor may be an interior designer who can carry out home decoration and design; they may also specialize in bathroom space planning. A great designer will completely analyze the clients’ needs. Only then can the suggest colors, textures, fixtures, and surface materials. A great designer will also coordinate the structural changes needed to accommodate any non-standards items in a bathroom design. A great designer will be able to help define your style, the style of your home, and combine both to create the perfect space to fit your needs. Contact us today for more information about our bathroom remodels throughout Portland, OR.

Why hire C&K Custom Remodeling?

C & K Custom Remodeling only works with the most reputable manufacture and suppliers to insure your remodel goes as smooth as possible. C&K uses products that coordinate some of the most popular decorative schemes and themes. The C&K Custom Remodeling team of professionals includes experts such as designers, tile and stone craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, cabinetmakers and the best installers and finish carpenters. Once a person or company is certified to join the C&K team they pushed to produce the highest in craftsmanship while upholding the C&K high standards of character and ethics. This helps to allow a seamless coordination of your project. If you elect to retain our professional bathroom design and remodeling services, your design will be first created for you to have a look it before any products are ordered or any demolition begins. The best part, your project will be scheduled and completed according to a planned timeline and customer involved project management system.

Another great reason why you should work with C & K Custom Remodeling when it comes to bathroom remodel and design is that they ask what you really want. You may not be able to find a tub that will fit perfectly well in your existing space. However, the professional will assist you in creating more space in order to realize your dream bathroom. Besides, they know the right products that will be appropriate in your bathroom.

Many homeowners are reluctant to include bathroom design to remodeling services. However, design professional will be able to help you at any stage. Whether you are looking for ways to incorporate the most benefits from a small bathroom renovation, or you want to remodel your current outdated bathroom into an elegant room, our professional bathroom designers will make your dream come true. Adding design to the beginning of a project reduces change orders and confusions associated with many remodeling projects.

C & K Custom Remodeling have professionals that are highly trained and quite knowledge in all areas of your home. We try to offer you the best advise possible on product selections to suit your needs and those of your family. We try to save you time and money by having a bathroom design and remodeling company addresses your needs from start to finish. If you have been thinking of remodeling your bathroom, our services will be tailored to your needs.

What is included in our bathroom services?

We offer custom cabinets, custom fixtures, beautiful vinyl, marmoleum ( for those who like green remodeling), or tile to bring your bathroom to life. We provide you with the bathroom remodel, design and ideas that best meet your budget. We also offer accessibility remodeling for those with special needs.

If you are concerned about your resale value, the following articles has useful information: Shower vs. Tub Resale Value.

  • Fixtures and Faucets
  • Showers
  • Shower Doors
  • Fans
  • Plumbing
  • Dryrot and Water Damage Repair
  • Whirlpools and bathtubs
  • Paint and Texture
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Moldings

Bathroom Remodel

When You Want The Best

C&K Custom Remodeling
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Planning Your Bathroom Remodel Tips

Plan your bathroom remodel carefully, taking into consideration space availability and budget. A full remodel may be a problem when there is no spare bathroom in the home, therefore, arranging for temporary accommodation must be considered as you plan your budget.

Have a clear view of what remodeling you really want. Carefully plan the extent of the project, so that you will save time, money and minimize unwanted surprises. Discuss cost estimates of cabinets, fixtures, framing, lumber, pipes and fittings, and finishing materials with your contractor. Carefully budget the expensive materials and as much as possible, try using existing materials. As your contractor, we will be sure that the plumbing, electrical, and drywall all works together.

Bathroom Design Tips

Bathroom design is the heart and soul of any great remodeling project.

When it comes to custom bathroom remodeling projects line drawings and or 3-D renderings bring confidence and education to the entire project.

Each project along with every client is individual.  Some projects lend themselves better to visual design and some clients request or require more visual drawings and concepts to feel comfortable with the process.  At C&K we are proud to offer a full menu of design services for our valued customers.  Bathroom design makes communication problems much less likely than older methods of communication.  It is more true in remodeling than anywhere else that ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”.

It’s great to be able to make change on a computer before the bathroom remodel process begins. Colors, and spacial planning, and lighting can all be modified at the touch of a button.  This is very similar technology you see in popular television remodeling programs like HGTV.

So many vanities and tubs, how to choose?

Bathroom vanity design can take many shapes. The most important part of the process is a thorough needs and design assessment because every bathroom is unique and needs to fit the design of the home along with the vision of the homeowner.

To build beautiful bathroom vanities I believe you need to have a passion for the process. From the initial client interview to the bathroom vanity drawings, through the build and install I love the creative process. We constantly are challenging ourselves to create something new and interesting.

Bathtubs come in hundreds of shapes and sizes as well as many different materials. Cast iron tubs are the most durable but they are also the most limited when it comes to sizes and designs. Acrylics, fiberglass, or other precast units have come along way in the past couple of years and are the most common choice when it comes to remodeling.

There is a new group of homeowners who are electing to completely eliminate the bathtub in their home to opt for a beautiful tile walk in shower. It wasn’t long ago when this would be unheard of but market trends no longer require a bathtub for resale values.

Bathtub Information:

Recessed (or “skirted” or “apron”)—designed to fit into a recess with three sides hidden by walls and a finished front. This type is most common. Some have removable apron panels.

Corner—usually with two angled unfinished sides and a finished front to be installed like a recessed tub, but also available with three finished sides.

Freestanding—to be installed in the middle of the room, or at least away from the wall. Some manufacturers now offer these in a claw-foot Victorian style. They also are available in a finely finished wood. These are seldom recommended for showering, although some combination models are available with clear acrylic compartment showers at one end.

Platform—with no finished panels, designed to drop into a platform for the “raised sunken tub” effect.

Whirlpool—designed specifically for the healthful hydromassage action of jetted water (often oversized in many configurations – even heart-shaped), often designed for two or more persons to use simultaneously. It should be noted, also, that any of the above tub types are available with whirlpool jets. The difference is in the fact that they aren’t designed specifically for the action, and this action is not their primary purpose. Any jetted tub must have an access panel for future servicing of the pump.

Courtesy of NARI CKBR education program

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