Spring has arrived

Top 10 thing to think about this time of year

1.  Exterior painting. 
       If you paint is more than 3 years old take a good look to be sure you home is still protected. 

2.  Roof repairs and replacement
       Friends, just because it’s nice out don’t neglect your roof.  The worst thing people do is wait until the  rainy season or until a roof is leaking to address roofing issues.

3.  Deck building, cleaning, and restaining
       If you have a deck or are considering a deck now is the time to make decisions and get your deck   looking good again

4.  window replacement
     The weather get nice and we forget how cold those windows were all winter

5.  Insulation
       Insulation make summers and winters more enjoyable and saves money immediately (Green upgrade)

6.  HVAC
     Time to consider an air conditioner or heat pump to keep you home comfortable.  Once the heat comes the prices go up