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Design Awards

Monday, October 7th, 2013

The 2013 Serving Up Style design competition took place this weekend.  Some incredible designs but more importantly the competition is a fund raiser for Molly’s Fund.  This is a great event to raise awareness and money to help fight lupus.  Click to learn more about Molly’s Fund.

Design Awards

One of the entries from the 2013 Serving up Style competition.

Making doors easier for people with mobility challenges

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

We made this NW Portland condo much easier for the new owner.  We widened the pinch points to make movement through the home easier in a wheelchair.  We also widened doors and added hinges to allow for a greater door opening access.  We also added a door handle that allowed for easier opening and closing by giving many more options for actuating the door.

Check out the following video for an example of the door upgrades:  VIDEO


Know Your Cabinets

Friday, September 20th, 2013
Kitchen appliance wall Beaverton Or

Kitchen appliance wall

There’s no doubt that cabinets are a a very essential part of your home. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or you would like to just replace your kitchen cabinets, then you should know there are many options in this regard. While some of them are ready-made cabinets, most people who want their cabinets to perfectly fit their kitchen, will go for the custom made ones. When it comes to custom cabinets, they will not only look exactly the way you want them to in all aspects, like size, color, materials and so on, but they’re also going to be quite durable. Below we’re going to take a closer look at their benefits.
Many Storage Space Options
When choosing a cabinet design, you’ll be happy to know that it will fit the designated area perfectly. No more will you need to worry about finding kitchen cabinets that will hold your cooking utensils, silverware, pans, pots, griddle, waffle maker, dishes, mixing bowls and so on, because a customer kitchen cabinet is designed to hold all of them easily.
A Variety of Design Options
Of course, you will want that your kitchen area matches your decorative style and your personality and you can easily achieve that by going with custom cabinets. Imagine just how wonderful your cabinets will look, given the fact that you can decide on the stain color, type of material used, size, and the installation method. Even if the standard material is painted or stained wood, you can also use plastic or steel if you want.
Customized Add-On Options
In some cases, people will want to store their small microwave on a shelf under one of the storage spaces and if you also want to do that, then custom cabinets can be designed so that your microwave will perfectly fit in it. Even better, you can also use see through glass doors, if you want to display your dishes.

With that being said, there’s no doubt that custom kitchen cabinets are the best types you can get, because you will be in control of every single detail and make them fit perfectly in your kitchen space.

NW Portland basement water leak

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

cold tap


On a recent project we removed carpet in a basement only to find water in the carpet pad.  A week or so when by and once again we entered the job site to find water on the floor in the basement.  The homeowner gave us permission to investigate so we began the investigation process.  Upon speaking to one waterproofing company we discovered that a basement water leak had been researched by the previous owner back in 2009.  Our client had only lived in the home for about 1 month when the water issues were discovered.

The previous owner did not disclose a basement water leak and our investigative efforts may very well save our client from having to pay the $8,000 it will cost for repairs.  I’m happy for our client but even happier that we discovered the problem before the new cork flooring was installed.

The most memorable remodeling company in Portland OR

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
C&K Custom Remodeling 503-REMODEL


It’s no longer just our work that is memorable we also have acquired a memorable phone number. I was told be several different people from several different companies that the number would never be released.

I used the same blue collar persistence that is making C&K Custom Remodeling a success to overcome one thousand people saying no. I know deep in my gut that I only had to find one person, the right person, and get them to say yes. I believed I was right and turns out I was. One person saying yes overturned 1000 people saying no.

Our incredible t-shirts can be purchased also.  To purchase t-shirts of the worlds best remodeling company ( my biased opinion ) simple send me an email on the contact us page at



Big news to come from

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

C&K Custom Remodeling


We have some big announcements coming soon.  We are always working to improve C&K Custom Remodeling to be more than a remodeling company.  My goal is to have C&K be the absolute best remodeling experience a person could have.  It starts with educating people on what to expect from the remodeling process so that there are no surprises.  Our process continues by using technology to bring our clients into our custom online environment where they can track the project schedule, see pictures, and communicate directly with us.  We continue our system be there when you need us by giving you a way to remember us for any future needs or concerns should they arise.

For a preview of whats coming Click here

Portland Oregon, now officially the best place to live




Kitchen appliances

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

kitchen appliance wallDo your appliances work?

Appliances are where alot of home owners make mistakes during the remodeling process.  Many companies are great and one or two specific appliances say a stove or vent hood, but there are very few companies that are great at a full set of kitchen appliances.  Someone started a rumor that all of your kitchen appliances have to be from one manufacturer.  The truth is that if a person want the best appliances that usually means becoming educated about manufacturers strengths and weaknesses and mix and matching sets.

I know I will take heat for my opinion but I believe a person should be able to decide if they want their kitchen appliances to match well or to work well.  With most modern appliances the only thing you might notice is the badges are a bit different but you’ll absolutely notice the difference in how the appliances function.  I once had a client that always wanted a particular brand of gas stove.  My client spent a good deal of their budget to get matching badges on the appliances and after the first use she was disappointed.  Who would have thought this great gas stove doesn’t even have a cooking timer.

Unfortunately many remodeling companies and appliance sales people are largely to blame.  It’s easier to say that’s a great brand of appliances than to take the time to really evaluate each appliance in a set.  If a person really want a gourmet kitchen and really uses their kitchen then being brand loyal will usually mean sacrificing or compromising on individual pieces of the set.

Demand to be educated by your appliance store, your sales person, and your contractor.  If they are promoting one brand only then you likely need to do more research to be sure all pieces are  great not just good enough.  I’m not against matching appliances I’m just not excited about the level of education most people get when making such a big purchase.  I want my clients to love the way their kitchens look and love the way they work.



Lighting Design

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Lighting design is the science behind the mystery of what separates good from great remodeling.  The type of lighting can be just as important as the placement.  There are several deciding factors that go into selecting the type of lighting needed.  Placement, brightness, required function, and light color are just some of the variables that go into deciding what type of lighting to use in any particular area.

After the type of lighting is determined factors such as reflection and shadowing should be carefully analyzed to make the lighting work well with the environment.  Electric light should work in conjunction natural lighting to accent the space.

 Vanity Lighting

Basement Remodeling

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Is it time to remodel your basement?

Basement remodeling can be a great way to add square footage without changing the footprint of your existing home.

Bathroom Remodeling Portland OR

Imagine Making Your Unfinished Basement the Favorite Room in Your Home! There’s no faster, easier way to expand your living space than with a finished basement. We provide you with the flexibility that enables you to finish your basement at an affordable price. With quality versus quantity as our focus, we believe it is critical to: listen to our clients, use top quality materials and provide superior craftsmanship. At C&K Basement Remodeling always offers friendly and professional customer services and high quality labor in preparing the projects. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!
The process of finishing a basement varies greatly from project to project making onsite consulting a necessity for every home.  Drawings, permits, plumbing, electrical, framing and HVAC all need to be taken into consideration to accurately budget your basement remodel.  Another reason to remodel  is to make separate living quarters to maximize home value.  Call to have one of our design consultants discuss basement remodel ideas for your home.
When you are ready to proceed with your basement remodel or home improvement project give us a call at 877 REMODEL  (877-736-6335).
Add a Kitchen or Bathroom to your basement

Check out our new and improved remodeling information site.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

New Improved Website

Our Remodeling website has recently undergone a complete overhaul.  We are know for our craftsmanship and custom service in you home and we want to continue that service on our website.  Our goal is to be the one remodeling website you turn to for basic remodeling information and also the reference you trust for all of you home remodeling research.  We have incorporated an easy to use drill down system allowing our clients and first time visitors a customized experience.  Highlighted key words open up pages with increasing detail in a particular subject.
Take another look or visit us for the first time and let us know what you think.  We are setting ourselves up to become a hub for people to get information as well as a place to ask question of our incredible craftsmen.