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Why remodel?

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Three Reasons to Remodel


If you have never remodeled your home or know nothing about remodeling, the home redesign process can be a very grueling process. However if you employ a little help from a professional remodeler it will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Thousands of people live in their homes without ever remodeling because they fear all the work involved. They find it easier to just add a coat of paint or buy new couches for a new look. Redesigning is very important for quite a number of reasons but here are three that are crucial, and which should drive you to remodel your home as soon as it needs to be.

Keeping your home just warm enough or just cool enough during the summer is a major factor to consider when the thought to redesign crosses your mind. Remodeling with a professional can bring the added benefit a home performance audit when requested. You may be able to cut your energy costs dramatically by having an energy audit then performing recommended improvements.

What comes first for most people as a reason for remodeling is aesthetics. Women especially love beautiful homes and this is our second most important reason for redesigning your house. After staying in the same house for a long time you get tired of the décor and it can take its toll on you. When you stop enjoying your showers and prefer to leave your home rather than stay in for absolutely no reason, it may be time for a remodeling contractor.

Styles change and sometimes it’s just nice to be able to enjoy a change in your home.. This is not just to comply with societal expectations because some old designs are still very fancy to have in a home. One of the most common statements we hear is, we should have done this sooner so we could have enjoyed it longer. Remodeling allows you to utilize space more efficiently it can save you money on energy bills, and offers you a chance to experience what new home designers and remodelers are coming up with. Home design and remodeling is to be embraced if you want to love your home and not just live in it. There you have it, your third reason for remodeling your home.

Open concept

Friday, October 11th, 2013

The benefits of Open Concept Remodeling


Kitchen design

After walls were removed

All of us love the outdoors. Well, most people anyway. There is a free feel you get when outside that you do not realize you are lacking until you are actually outside your house or office. Enter the concept of open design remodeling. Just like the name suggests, you get a free and open space that is so beautifully designed you will not miss the cluster and cloister of walls and sometimes unnecessary partitions. If you are looking to do a bit of remodeling you may want to consider redesigning to an open model. You will love it. Here is why. The open concept remodeling is a chance to have a beautiful expanse of your own aside from the outdoors. The free flow of air and (if redesigning is done right) the perfect combination of décor from one section of the room to the other is a feast for the eye. For the homeowner who needs to create an illusion of space in a room that is not so big, open concept redesigning makes tiny spaces seem gigantic. This style essentially combines the three most important rooms in any home; the living room area, the kitchen area and the dining area. All these three use one type of flooring with only expert décor separating the various sections beautifully.

Removing walls has several benefits.  Open concept remodeling allows a family living in the home to socialize virtually all the time and keep an eye on each other. This is very important especially in a home with kids. Being able to speak to someone in the living room right across from the kitchen is very simply put, amazing.

Go Custom or Go Home

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
kitchen luxury home

Vent hood


Your Kitchen design is very important, especially if you spend most of your day there in order to relax or in cooking.  At some point in the remodeling process a decision needs to be make about cabinetry.  Do you go cheap and be happy writing the check or go custom and be happy every day after the check is written.

Unique Design for Your Home

Custom cabinets are the best choice anyone could make because they will be designed according to your personal preferences in terms of size, materials, color and so forth. It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller or a bigger kitchen, because with custom cabinets, kitchen remodeling becomes a very simple process. Not only will the cabinets fit perfectly in your kitchen, but they will also add value to your home, so if you plan on selling it, you’ll definitely get a better price for it.

Personalized and Functional Storage Options

When it comes to functionality, prefabricated cabinets will just not meet your needs. Most of the times people will complain about the lack of efficient and functional storage. On the other hand, custom cabinets will allow you to easily solve this problem, because you’re going to be the one who will design them in a way that will compliment your needs.

3. Complements Your Décor

Given the chance to make your own cabinets, you have complete freedom on coming up with a design that will make the custom kitchen cabinets blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. You are in complete control regarding the decorative touches, finish options, door styles and wood used, so you can create a product that looks utterly amazing.

4. Superb Quality

Last but not least, not only will you be impressed by the attractive designs you can create, but at the same time about the quality of your custom cabinets. Due to the fact that you have a say in the way they’re made, it’s guaranteed that the final product will perfectly meet your standards for excellent quality. On top of that, these cabinets are made by experienced cabinet makers by using only the best materials and assembly techniques.


Kitchen appliance wall

Remodeling week in review

Saturday, September 21st, 2013
claw foot tub

Claw foot tub

It’s been an extremely busy week wrapping up a turn of the century bathroom along with a basement remodel and a handicap upgrade to a condo. Our turn of the century project had a beautiful 3/8 glass surround and frameless door installed today while the condo got the finishing touches with paint and lighting. The basement remodel received a third coat of paint and is now ready for flooring.

NW Portland basement water leak

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

cold tap


On a recent project we removed carpet in a basement only to find water in the carpet pad.  A week or so when by and once again we entered the job site to find water on the floor in the basement.  The homeowner gave us permission to investigate so we began the investigation process.  Upon speaking to one waterproofing company we discovered that a basement water leak had been researched by the previous owner back in 2009.  Our client had only lived in the home for about 1 month when the water issues were discovered.

The previous owner did not disclose a basement water leak and our investigative efforts may very well save our client from having to pay the $8,000 it will cost for repairs.  I’m happy for our client but even happier that we discovered the problem before the new cork flooring was installed.

Custom Construction in West Linn / Street of dreams

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Get out and see this years street of dreams. C&K will be driving the shuttle golf carts Sunday morning. I would love to see some of past and future clients in the morning. Take your camera and get inspired. This years houses are sure to be full of modern features, old world craftsmanship, and the latest in gotta have it technology.

Bad Contractors

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Most contractors go to great lengths to improve the reputation of our chosen profession. Continuing education and becoming familiar with new products and codes is just the beginning. As a remodeling contractor I walk into many homes with a cloud of doubt over me as everyone has heard contractor nightmare stories.

I too have heard these stories but I have only seen a few with my own eyes. It’s much more common to see well intentioned homeowners trying to save money and making mistakes, than it is to see other contractor mistakes. This is why I was so disappointed to walk into a bathroom remodeled by a licensed contractor that looked as bad as any homeowner patch job I’ve seen.

The bathroom in question was done so poorly that the client volunteered to gut the bathroom down to the studs if we could help her put it back together. The visual inadequacies were just the tip of the iceberg.

The electrical was the most disturbing. We found improper and dangerous electrical work, not done to code, or by and electrician. This meant the homeowner had to bring in an electrician to undo all of the bad work before he could begin rewiring the bathroom correctly.

We also found the window that was installed did not meet code and was not installed properly. This meant that the window also had to be removed and replaced. We then found out that the floor tile was not installed on a proper surface or secured properly. The only good thing about improperly installed tile is it’s pretty easy to remove.

Our plumber could not sign off of the plumbing work that was done in order to get permits. This meant that all of the plumbing done had to be removed and redone from scratch. The layout was so poorly thought through that the vanity would not fit on the wall because plumbing lines were in the way.

This client saved money using a contractor who did “all of their own work” but most people don’t realize that a contractor is required by law to hire licensed electricians and plumbers. Just being a contractor does not mean a person is qualified to perform specialty trade work.

When you are seeking a contractor ask who will be pulling the permits. If the contractor asks you to pull the permits or says we don’t need to pull permits, it’s a huge red flag. One of the most important jobs of a general contractor is to build relationships with trade companies and craftsmen.

This is a true story and the contractor in this story wrote a check to the client in an attempt to keep them from filing a contractors board complaint. The client planned on using the money to help pay for having the bathroom redone, unfortunately the check bounced.

Remodeling ground rules

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Before any remodeling project begins we have found it invaluable to begin with a pre-construction meeting.  We want our clients to understand the remodeling process both good and bad, so that surprises are minimized and ground rules for professionalism are established.  During this meeting the project manager goes over the anticipated project schedule, where tools are to be stored and cleaned, and where construction debris is to be stored if applicable and much more.

Another goal of the meeting is to air out any possible differences in expectations.  The last thing a reputable contractor wants to do is to misrepresent what is to be expected.  The more checks and balances we can put in place to verbalize expectations on both sides the better the outcome and satisfaction for all.

Lighting Design

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Lighting design is the science behind the mystery of what separates good from great remodeling.  The type of lighting can be just as important as the placement.  There are several deciding factors that go into selecting the type of lighting needed.  Placement, brightness, required function, and light color are just some of the variables that go into deciding what type of lighting to use in any particular area.

After the type of lighting is determined factors such as reflection and shadowing should be carefully analyzed to make the lighting work well with the environment.  Electric light should work in conjunction natural lighting to accent the space.

 Vanity Lighting

Design Build Remodeling

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Design build is a process created through necessity.  The process is created with the goal of making the entire construction or remodeling process more streamlined by putting a central company in charge of the entire process.  The design build process adds consistency by bring both vision and production under one roof and allows for greater value engineering of the project.  Choosing a general contractor who is able to oversee the process from start to finish also makes communication more streamlined as all of the different craftsmen and designers report to the lead coordinator.

The most important member of any design build team is the home owner who approves final design, participates in the material selection process, and determines the final budget during material selection process.