Bathroom design is the heart and soul of any great remodeling project.

When it comes to custom bathroom remodeling projects line drawings and or 3-D renderings bring confidence and education to the entire project.


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Each project along with every client is individual.  Some projects lend themselves better to visual design and some clients request or require more visual drawings and concepts to feel comfortable with the process.  At C&K we are proud to offer a full menu of design services for our valued customers.  Bathroom design makes communication problems much less likely than older methods of communication.  It is more true in remodeling than anywhere else that ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”.

It’s great to be able to make change on a computer before the bathroom remodel process begins.  Colors, and spacial planning, and lighting can all be modified at the touch of a button.  This is very similar technology you see in popular television remodeling programs like HGTV.